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Registering: Harder than it looks

Aug 03, 2010 08:18PM ● By Anonymous


We quickly found out that registering is much more stressful than we thought. I tend to think we should register for more lower-priced items, while he thought it was OK to add more expensive things. Our tastes mostly match up, but it doesn't always. Then, the biggest problem -- I'm not good at making decisions. This is definitely a decision-making process.

Luckily, we learned a little bit and had a much easier, more fun time when registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few days later. With this experience, I came away with a few helpful tips for you to think about:

  • Do your research: Some places have really difficult return policies, and might not let you return wedding gifts without a receipt. For example, Target lets you return gifts with a gift receipt, but only for store credit. Now, I personally adore Target's merchandise, so that probably wouldn't be a problem for me, but it might be for someone else.
  • Know your style before you go: If you don't currently have a home together, take a couple minutes to discuss what colors you might want in the house or apartment you'll live in after you get married. That way, you're not fighting over a lavender-colored comforter versus a nautical-themed duvet in the middle of Kohls' bedding section. If you can't compromise, agree to register for neutral items right now (such as ivory linens, white towels and stainless steel kitchen gadgets). You can always add or edit items later.
  • Don't try to fit in too much: Stores have online registries for a reason. You probably won't get through an entire store in a couple of hours, and you'll miss out on a lot if you try to. Instead, just register for what you two can muster without getting too exhausted -- because you will get exhausted -- and continue to add and update items on the Internet.

Confession: After all of that, we later completely deleted our Crate & Barrel registry. We found we liked the items at Bed, Bath and Beyond just as much, and the prices were a whole lot better. We did keep a few items from Crate & Barrel on a separate registry from the website -- we'll talk more about that later.