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The wedding (cup)cakes

Jan 18, 2011 05:05PM ● By Anonymous

I mean, the truth is, are cupcakes really every "out?" That's the question Evie Loftus, owner of The Main Ingredient in Annapolis, posed to brides at the What's Up? Bridal Expo a couple weeks ago. More and more, bakers and caterers are eschewing cupcakes for other desserts such as whoopie pies or fruit pie or cannolis.

But I'm the cupcake girl. Always have been. Always will be. People depend on me bringing cupcakes to their birthday parties. I own multiple shapes of cupcake pans (though, I'll admit, I'll pretty loyal to the traditional cupcake shape). Therefore, it only makes sense that I would have cupcakes at my wedding.

Obviously, I can't show you a finished product, but I have some inspiration photos to share. I met with a baker in September and feel really lucky to be working with him. For a fantastic price, he's making 120 cupcakes in four flavors — chocolate cherry, chai, lemon, and another that I can't, for the life of me, remember — plus a 6-inch cutting cake for the top, which will be in the chai flavor. Each flavor of cake will be decorated a bit differently, with a sign explaining which one is which. The top cutting cake will have a burgundy ribbon circling the bottom with a jeweled brooch on it, and fresh dark red roses on the top to match my bouquet.

Some inspiration from the cake come from the following photos:



Despite cupcakes being "passe," I think wedding cupcakes have a lot of life left in them. After all, they're perfect proportions and have tons of flavors!