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Saying I Do: The First Look

Aug 02, 2011 04:46PM ● By Anonymous

A first look is where the bride and groom are isolated from everyone else but the photographer (and in our case, the photographer's husband who was also a groomsman), and the moment that they see each other -- before the wedding -- is captured on film. We did our first look on a balcony at the resort that overlooked the pool and some gorgeous mountains. 

We made this decision purely for practical reasons in terms of photography. Because we were willing to see each other, this is how we broke down the schedule for photos:

1 p.m.: Photographer took photos of the guys getting ready in his hotel room.

2 p.m.: Photographer takes photos of my bridesmaids and me in my room, including putting the wedding dress on.

And, yes, my wonderful sister and I took a shot of vanilla vodka together. Stay classy, guys.

3 p.m.: David and I meet for the first look on the balcony. At this point, my veil is not put on properly, and it keeps flying off in the wind! This is a situation I do not fix until I get to the venue.

3:30 p.m.: Bridesmaids and groomsmen gather in the lobby. Bride and groom join them for group photos.

Two of my very best friends that I've known since high school. Our parents live within 1/2 a mile from each other in Fountain Hills, Az.

It goes by really quickly, so what do we do? We go to the bar so the groomsmen can have another drink.

Me and bridesmaid Lauren, just hanging out.

4 p.m. The limo arrives to take the groomsmen to the ceremony
4:30 p.m. The limo returns to take the gals to the ceremony

At this point, I apparently got something on the train of my dress. When I got the venue, there was all this black soot on the dress, and my mom and bridesmaids starting freaking out a little bit. I, however, was calm as a cucumber. I had faith they would fix the situation. I sent a bridesmaid to get me a glass of wine, and everything was good.

Before I knew it, we were lining up to walk down the aisle. It was time to actually get married.

The benefit of doing all the group pictures before the wedding ceremony was that afterwards, the bridal party was able to go straight to the cocktail hour. We did about 15 minutes of family photos, and then another 15 minutes of photos of David and me, and then we headed to the cocktail hour, too! So it all worked out -- but we had to be willing to take the risk of bad luck.