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Saying I Do: The Cocktail Hour

Sep 12, 2011 06:30PM ● By Anonymous

I particularly enjoy when the cocktail hour location is separate from the main reception. It offers a little bit of a break-up and an excitement to entering the main room. So, when I was searching for a wedding venue, two distinct areas was one of my criteria. In my venue, the cocktail area was a patio adjacent to the reception pavilion, so you could see into the reception area. The patio overlooks the ceremony area and golf courses, featuring quite a beautiful view. It also offers what is called a chimenea, which is a large outdoor fireplace. 

During the cocktail hour, we offered three appetizer choices: Bacon-wrapped scallops, a kalamata olive and artichoke tart, and a cheese, fruit, and cracker display. We also opened up there bar, where we had a bunch of choices: Red and white wine, domestic beer, plus a choice of martinis, sweet tea vodka and lemonade, Blue Moon beer, and an Orange Crush. The DJ had jazz music on for ambiance, and with the perfect weather, it was a beautiful time.

Our cocktail lasted almost exactly an hour, and then the bridal party lined up for our grand entrance into the reception!