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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Mar 15, 2012 11:37PM ● By Anonymous

Once you’ve pinned down your guest list and know about how much cake you will need (keep in mind that the top tier is traditionally saved for your anniversary), it’s time to visit a bakery and do some cake tasting! Most bakeries won’t have any problem with you scheduling some time to come in and taste a few cakes, and this is a great activity to bring your future husband along with you to do. There are so many flavors to mix and match, you should really take some time to find the combination that is perfect for you and your wedding.

Then it’s time to focus on how you want your cake to look. Some couples opt to have cakes done in shapes that are quirky and meaningful to them, such as a shared favorite sports team or a landmark from a first vacation together. Others choose to go the more traditional route of round or square tiers that are either stacked together or separated. Most bakeries will provide you with a book or online slideshow with photos of some of the cakes they have done for previous weddings, so you can get a sense of what will work for you.

D. Bryant Photography

Choosing a cake topper is another great way to personalize your wedding. If you’re having a themed wedding, the cake topper can be a fun addition to that theme, with perhaps two palm trees for your beach theme, or a popular Disney character for a princess theme. If you are a couple with a sense of humor, quirky cake toppers are available in almost any form, from couples with cell phones in hand to couples sitting in a tractor. At my sister’s wedding, she chose two penguin figurines as her cake topper, since she and her husband have always admired penguins’ tendency to mate for life. If your wedding has a more conservative, traditional theme, a classic monogram figurine might be the perfect top to your perfect cake!

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The most important thing is definitely choosing a cake that reflects the tone of the wedding as well as the tone of your relationship. The pictures and memories of your wedding will last forever, so make sure you choose a design that will still be special to you as you look back over pictures in years to come.

-- Catherine Irwin