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Traditions explained: Saving the top tier of the wedding cake

Mar 15, 2012 11:46PM ● By Anonymous

We're still about 4 months away from our one-year anniversary (wow, how time flies!), but it would be the last time we see them before we celebrate. My mother has been stashing the cake in her freezer, and she packed it very carefully in a cooler. It managed to get all the way to Maryland without any hassle, still fully frozen, and put into our freezer.

But why do we do this? One-year-old cake can't be very good, can it?

The legend is this:

The tradition of saving the wedding cake hearkens back to when newlyweds would immediately get started on having a family. As the saying goes, first come loves, then come marriage … then comes baby in a baby carriage! Instead of creating two fancy cakes for the wedding and the christening, they would purchase one larger cake and save it for later. These days, couples often wait a number of years before that baby arrives -- we're certainly not going to be having a baby shower near our one-year anniversary! -- but the tradition lives on.