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Just Engaged? 10 Things to Do Right Away

Mar 15, 2012 11:53PM ● By Anonymous


1.      Make plenty of phone calls—before you change anything on social networking sites. Your cousin would rather hear that your engaged from you, not Facebook.

2.      Order a bottle of Champagne. It’s time to celebrate!

3.      Get your ring resized (it almost never fits perfectly the first time).

4.      Add your ring to your insurance policy.

5.      Pick a month (The exact date can be chosen once you see what availability venue and vendors have)

6.      Purchase a planner, notebook, or smartphone app for organization—you have a lot of lists in your future.

7.      Set a budget.

8.      Ask family members for input on a guest list.

9.      Put an announcement in the local newspaper.

10.     Open a savings account just for the wedding (whether the money in it comes from your parents, you two, or somewhere else is entirely up to you).