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Bridal Shows? A Roundup of Reasons To Attend

Mar 16, 2012 04:06PM ● By Anonymous


And to my delight, even for this indecisive, overwhelmed bride-to-be, they are. I’ve been to two already and I am still so excited to go to the What’s Up? Weddings Bridal Expo Jan. 22. With more than 40 vendors on site, it’s going to be the biggest one I’ve attended. I cannot wait.

If you haven’t been to one, let me tell you why you should go.

1. To meet the vendors
This is crucial. There are so many decisions to make and so many vendors to contact, the efficiency of meeting this many in one day and place is totally underrated. It can seem overwhelming, definitely, but if you take some notes and ask a few questions you can get a lot of research done in one afternoon.

Also, meeting face- to-face is crucial. Tone and personality can get lost in an email and it’s important that you connect with your vendors. A bridal show gives you the opportunity to see which caterer, or photography, or planner, best understands your vision for the day, and which you feel more comfortable with. You can tell a lot about the potential of a working relationship in those first few minutes at their table or booth.

Plus, there are bound to be some names you’ve never heard. A bridal show is the way to find vendors.

2. To alleviate potential pressure
Another great benefit to meeting vendors at an expo, is the ability to sample their work on site without the intimidation of a formal  consultation. Taste cakes and appetizers and flip through photo albums. But do so knowing that everyone else will too. With so many brides-to-be in attendance vendors don’t expect every one that tries their cupcake to sign a contract. Taste, browse, chat, enjoy, relax. The day is about meeting and greeting, and while sampling and inquiring is encourage, commitments are not required.

While individual consultations are important (and can be really fun,) meeting vendors at a bridal show first, takes away much of the pressure. Spending an hour of one-on-one time at the businesses of each of a slew of vendors is daunting when you consider that in then end you will only choose one. But think of a bridal show as a bunch of mini-consultations, with the perfect amount of personalized time with no little pressure. After the show, narrow your selection for full-on consultations and proposals. (In the end, this means saying “Thank you, but I’ve decided to go another direction,” a few fewer times.)

3. To enjoy quality beaming bride time
Not familiar with the phrase? Bridal beaming is that glow that you exude any time anyone around you mentions the word "wedding." Maybe you’ve been planning for eight months and your dutiful, supportive bridesmaids (bless their hearts) were all ears for the first five, but would now like to talk about something other than your flowers or your guest list. You can’t blame them, and they don’t blame you. So help out both parties by liberating your excitement at a bridal show. The entire venue is chock full of people ready and waiting to talk to you about your wedding. Soak it up and let it out, so that on Monday you can talk to your girlfriends about something else, without feeling like you’re bursting at the seams.

4. To get ideas
There are a lot of resources out there to find tips, DIY projects, wedding favors, décor ideas, and more, but nothing beats seeing these trends and ideas up close, like you would at a bridal expo. Plus, the fashion shows offer a great way to see different colors and fabrics from different designers in person.

5. To gobble up free goodies and win prizes
Two words: door prizes. In case the cakes and champagne weren’t enough of an incentive, maybe winning jewelry, or any of a variety of items and services you’ll need for your wedding, will tickle your fancy. Make sure you sign in when you arrive, and then cross your fingers. Or have your MOH do it. You know, because yours will be holding cupcakes and champagne.