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Ask the Editor: Firing a Bridesmaid

Mar 19, 2012 06:36PM ● By Anonymous

A. Weddings can do funny things to a friendship. Emotions (and tensions) run high when a bride-to-be thinks her attendants aren’t as into her wedding as she is, and the initial thought might just be to cut her out entirely—but you shouldn’t. First, try to get to the reasoning as to why the bridesmaid doesn’t seem psyched about your nuptials. If it’s serious—say, she doesn’t like your fiancé and doesn’t think you should marry him—then perhaps she’s not the right person to stand next to you. In that case, you should amicably agree to part ways (for the wedding, at least). However, that’s probably not the case. She might have a lot going on in her life, and she’s a little offended that you seem more interested in color swatches and cake samples than what’s ailing her. Sit her down and ask for the honest truth—and be prepared for the honest answer. From there, make your decision. And as for your fiance’s sister, go ahead and ask her anyway! It will make her feel included and get things off on the right foot. Don’t be too concerned with matching groomsmen and bridesmaids one-for-one—symmetry is so overrated.