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Ask the Editor: No Ring, No Bring?

Mar 19, 2012 09:47PM ● By Anonymous

In general, if someone is in a relationship—more than three months, let’s say, as to avoid buying dinner for a fling—you should invite them. In cases of serious budget shortages, guests are mandatory for anyone who has been with their significant other for more than a year, is living with them, or are engaged or married.

For everyone else, invite guests on a case-by-case basis. Consider these situations: Does the guest have to travel to get to your wedding? He or she might want a travel buddy to split hotel and transportation costs. Does the guest know anyone else at the wedding? If they’re buddies with everyone at the table, they won’t miss having a guests; however, if it’s an isolated from studying abroad your junior year of college, they might feel lonely when everyone else at the table is a high-school pal.

However, you shouldn’t have to cut friends or family members in order to include a guest for a single person. If you must, send them an invitation to attend solo, but seat them at a table with other singles that you think they’ll get along with.