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“Bridal Hunger Games”

Apr 16, 2012 09:38PM ● Published by Anonymous

Last year I lost about 10 pounds in eight weeks on Weight Watchers, but fell off the wagon and it slowly all crept back on. With the wedding on the horizon, I decided to jump back on and get trim and healthy. Key words: trim and healthy. I’ve slowly watched as poundage has shed, and while I would certainly like to see it go more quickly, I am comforted in two facts: first, that I rarely go without—I save points for things I love, like wings and wine and crab dip, and I’m never hungry—and two, I know that the slower it comes off, the slower it will go back on (which means, hopefully, I can do some serious indulging on the honeymoon without worry of zipping back up to pre-ring weight.)

My coworkers know, for the most part, about my diet endeavors, and they know that while I am working hard to please Pam and fit into my mother’s dress, I never say no to happy hours and my weight watching doesn’t keep me from testing out all the recipes on the Menu Monday blog posts. (With so much else on my plate, my weekly meal planning depends on those.)

I adapt recipes, I watch portion sizes, and make better nosh-related decisions. By the way—crab, our Chesapeake delicacy and my favorite food, is practically “point”-less and I use that tidbit as often as I can, to reason buying and eating them at least twice a week. (Don’t worry; I factored it into our “wedding budget.”) And I use every ounce of determination I have to exercise a few times a week. (And trust me, I hate it.)

So imagine my surprise/horror when a co-worker told me about a “trend” in dieting for brides that she read about in the Times, called the “K-E diet,” in which brides-to-be (or anyone else interested in a quick 10- to 20-pound weight loss) have feeding tubes inserted for ten days.

I’ll wait for you to reread (I’m sure you think you read that wrong…) and pick your jaw up off the floor…

Good Morning America covered it recently, too. Both stories explained that while the trend is just entering the U.S., it’s been around for years in Europe, and is a “casual” (interesting word choice) approach to quick weight lost leading up to a special event. According to the articles, the procedure costs about $1,500 for the ten days. While the tube provides an 800-calorie daily intake of nutrients, somehow, I’m not reassured.

For the record, we had an office lunch today. I ate Pad Thai and a donut. I don’t know who I thought I was sticking it to, but it felt like a mini reality check. One delicious reality check.

Has anyone heard of this, or know anyone who has tried it? What other fad diets have you heard of people trying before their wedding?