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Wedding Accessories: What You Need

Apr 17, 2012 08:08PM ● By Anonymous

Shoes: It's traditional for brides to don white shoes on their wedding day, but the current trend of wearing jewel-toned or glittery heels is fabulous. When you lift your dress slightly to move around, everyone will see little flashes of color. Plus, it offers a fabulous photo opportunity just by lifting your dress ever-so-slightly to catch a peek of those wonderful shoes. Before going for the ultra-high heels, make sure you feel comfortable walking down the aisle in them. If you've never worn heels before, your wedding isn't the day to start. In that case, stick with flats — you'll be more confident and less at risk of accidentally somersaulting down the aisle. On top of that, outside ceremonies don't lend themselves to high-heels, particularly if you're getting married on grass – you'll find yourself sinking into the ground.

To find your dream wedding shoes, keep your eyes peeled for deals. Around the holidays, many department stores sell brightly colored heels for holiday parties and offer coupons in the local newspaper. If you're willing to get up early on a Saturday morning, you can likely find a doorbuster deal that scores you at least 25 percent off.

Jewelry: Add a little bling to your wedding-day look with earrings, a necklace and/or a bracelet. While wedding day jewelry really depends on personal taste — some brides prefer a lot of pizzazz, while some would rather keep it simple — pearls are always a classic and timeless wedding accessory. Remember, you don't want to bling to detract from your gown. For a sentimental, very inexpensive — meaning, free — way to get classic jewelry for your wedding day is to borrow it from your mother, sister, aunt or grandmother. Within the family, there is usually a set of jewelry that's timeless and passed down from woman to woman. Even if it's not your time to inherit this jewelry, ask if you can borrow it for a day. It not only fulfills your "Something borrowed," but your "something old," too.

Handbags: Technically speaking, you don't really need a handbag for your wedding day. That's what bridesmaids are for, right? But if you want something to stash your stuff, pick up a clutch or small purse to bring along. If you can, go vintage with this item. At secondhand or thrift stores, you can usually find inexpensive but delightful vintage clutches. If that's not working out, then pick out a purse from a designer on It will be less expensive than you would think a specially made handbag would be and much cuter than one mass-produced at a local department store.

Outwear: Getting married during the cold-weather months? That strapless wedding dress isn't going to keep you warm. Pick up a silver or champagne-colored shawl to wrap around your shoulders. If that doesn't do the trick, just wear your favorite belted, button-down coat. How cute will you look in pictures with that brightly colored coat and the white wedding dress billowing out below it? Add on a funky hat for an extra-special look.