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Honeymoon Decisions

May 08, 2012 10:34PM ● By Anonymous

Yes, I know. No passport? At my age? Sad. Trust me, I know. But until now, other things-- traditional family vacations, visits to see continental friends, the constantly-refreshed calendar of fun things to do right here in town, and yes, Tennessee football, have gotten in the way of my country hopping. 

But the passport is under control. I've printed out the paperwork and I have plans to get that taken care of. The real question is: where am I going to get my first stamp?

My fiance and I have gone back and forth for months trying to decide on a honeymoon destination. We are a laidback couple who are looking for sand under our toes and a drink (mine with an umbrella in it, please) in our hands. And if you ask me, I'd rather not have to get up to keep the umbrellas flowing. I would like a massage on the beach, a hammock on our deck/porch/balcony/hut, and to make it perfect, let's throw a cabana in there somewhere, for good measure. I plan to do some resort-wear shopping before we go, and I'd like some shade to wear my findings in.

My fiance is 100 percent in agreement, however, he'd like to add two things: snorkeling and possibly zip-lining. (And, he says, you can hold the umbrella (and the resort wear). He'll just take a koozie and board shorts.)

There are a lot of places that offer what we're looking for and have appropriate weather for our honeymoon timeline, but here are a few we have "narrowed it down" to: Roatan, Honduras; The Virgin Islands; Aruba; St. Lucia; Belize.

We're certain we can find what we're looking for at all of these places (except for zip-lining in Aruba, maybe), but we just can't figure out which would offer the best honeymoond experience. 

His problem, is that he can go to any one and be perfectly fine. My problem, is that I get to planning and things get a little out of hand. 

By the time we walked out of our meeting with a wonderful travel agent last week, I was certain that I absolutely required the butler service at a Sandals in St. Lucia. Crunching the numbers reminded me that I certainly do not. I took a little breather from the research and started over with a clear head. A few hours after digitally exploring St. Lucia last night, I decided that we simply must skip the van transfers and arrive to the resort by helicopter instead.

Pooooor fiance. On more than one occassion he has "politely" (it's cordial, but nonetheless dream-crushing) reminded me that while I may have been deluded under the influence of my Monday night guilty pleasure (The Bachelor), ABC is not sponosoring this honeymoon. 

Apparently, helicopter arrivals and over-the-water bungalows are not to be expectations of this little fairytale.

Mentally noted.

I know that whatever we decide on is going to be amazing. Afterall, I've never left the country. The east coast is all I've seen and no matter where we go, we'll be two sweet, happy, little peas on our own cloud nine. 

But what will our stamps say?