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May 16, 2012 04:42PM ● By Anonymous

As I sat in the airport with my sister waiting for our mom to pick us up (Pam, and my dress, are in Charlotte), I commented that I’d done well this time around with my promised weight loss and Pam better notice!

Enter my moment of glory. Half an hour later we were walking through Pam’s doors and the first thing she said to me was “Ahhh! You lost weight!”


I was particularly excited about this visit because we’d brought additional pieces (that shall remain vague as to not give away any details to my fiancé, who will surely read this) to complete the look. I couldn’t wait to see it all together.

I hustled over to the fitting room, wiggled my way in and turned so one of my sisters could fasten. And then I heard the sound every bride wants to hear—especially when her wedding countdown is down to the double digits—ziiiiiiiiipp.


Dress on. And allow me to toot Pam’s horn here when I say it is gorgeous. There is nothing that I mentioned or described that Pam didn’t absolutely nail. And bear with me while I toot my own horn for a second: it looks good on me! That could be the high of fitting into it (we’re still ignoring the part where Pam let it out…), or the sheer relief that it’s ready, but in any case, I cannot wait to wear it. Or to see my fiancé’s face when he sees me in it.

I didn’t cry, which is totally weird. Did you cry when you put your dress on? Or, do you anticipate crying when you put your dress on? I hadn’t cried all along, but I thought that was because it still wasn’t on, which meant it wasn’t quite mine. But I’m sure there will be enough waterworks to go around on my wedding day. My eyes are probably just preparing themselves.

To date, it was one of the best days of my life. I took up way too much of Pam’s time because I didn’t want to take it off. I have a friend who sometimes just puts her dress on randomly and wears it around the house to do things like watch The Bachelor. It’s hilarious when we G-Chat throughout the show, and I can envision her in her white dress, a year and a half after her wedding, plopped on the couch yelling at the TV and talking to me.

Now, I totally get it.

So I’ve scheduled yet another fitting for July. I’m going to carry on with the continued diet and exercise plan. I plan on looking and feeling my best, and due to the style of the dress, it will still fit well with the shedding of a few more pounds.

But, if at the last minute, Pam has to take it back in a little, that would be quite alright with me.