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50 percent off Allison Barnhill Custom Invitations

May 23, 2012 06:20PM ● By Anonymous

Choosing how you communicate this milestone, however, can be a challenge. Taking the job upon yourself, you will quickly end up overwhelmed. Is your wedding best communicated by a leaf falling from the sky? If so, here are 8,000 different leaves for you to choose from. Not a leaf fan? How about a nautical theme? We have 16,000 compasses, 5,200 sailboats, and, happily, 27,000 waves crashing against a rocky shore.

So before your Highly Anticipated Event becomes the Breakdown of the Year, ask the professionals for assistance. Allison Barnhill has over ten years of experience as a graphic designer creating invitations and announcements that come directly from the heart: yours. She works intimately with each client to communicate sentiments in a unique and highly specialized way, bringing together your passion and her design into something your friends and family will treasure forever. Because your special occasion is just that: special. It came about through many years of love and attention. When you make your invitation, you want it to show that.

For $100, regularly $200, you get Allison's professional attention to detail that you won't receive anywhere else. When your friends and family receive your invitation in the mail, they will be receiving a beautiful piece of you. And that truly is priceless.