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DIY Table Number Chalkboards

May 29, 2012 10:18PM ● By Anonymous

I’d been thinking about what to do with it for a week or two when it hit me: mini chalkboards for table numbers. We’ve been trying to figure out how to cutely display table numbers for a while (there are so many options and crafty ideas out there—we were having a hard time deciding), so for us, this was the perfect plan. I knew one of my sisters had leftover 4-by-6 picture frames from a display she had at her wedding, so I asked her for any frames she was willing to part with, and then I  scoured Craiglist’s “free” section for old/unwanted picture frames in similar sizes. Success!

Once I had a substantial number of frames (I’ll need to collect a few more), I followed the same steps I did to create the menu chalkboards: I took the frames apart, cleaned the glass and painted it with chalkboard paint, and stained the frame.

Confession: I didn’t like the way my handwriting looked in chalk on the menu boards, so I’d looked for chalkboard markers and instead came across a Sharpie white paint pen. I used that on the menu boards and decided to use the same on the table numbers. The funny thing is, in retrospect, by using a paint pen, the actual chalkboard paint was unnecessary. I could have just used gray paint (again, I wanted the lighter chalkboard look, you could use an off-black paint), and it would have looked and worked the same. Oh well! The chalkboard paint wasn’t any more expensive so no harm done there. I wrote out the table numbers with the white paint pen and voila! Cute, DIY table numbers to match the menu boards. Love!

I had a couple different kinds of frames to work with, but since there is continuity in the color, I don't mind the variation at all, I think it adds adorable character.

I chose to stick with the same size frames, but I think varying sizes would be really cute, too. The project is so easy, I lined the coffee table with newspaper and did it all while watching The Bachelor. That is what I call quality DIY time.