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Bridal Beauty: Proper Skincare Before the Wedding

Jun 25, 2012 09:42PM ● By Anonymous

You already know that to keep your skin flawless, you need to follow a daily skincare routine. However, for your wedding day, you might want to take an extra step to making your skin look its very best.

Consider the benefits of seeing a local dermatologist, especially if you have a skin condition that you would like to correct. Treating a skin condition can take time, so book an appointment as soon as you get engaged (or at least four months in advance). The dermatologist can put together a regimented skin-care routine, using solutions you can't get on your own, such as prescription acne products (like extra-strength topical salicylic acid) and laser treatments. Persistent problems you might want a doc to take a look at could include wrinkles, acne, scars, tattoo removal, hair removal, stretch marks, and more.

More and more frequently, brides (and bridesmaids!) are trying Botox Cosmetic or collagen injections before the wedding, especially older or second-time brides. Botox Cosmetic relaxes the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, particularly crow's feet or forehead furrow, while collagen (and other injectable fillers) gives your skin a smoother and plumper look. There are many types of injectable fillers, so speak with the doctor to figure out which is best for you. For Botox injections, schedule an appointment for at least four months in advance, as you never know how your body will react to the injection. If everything goes according to plan, schedule the last injection for two weeks before the wedding.

If you don't feel like you need medical help, another option is receiving a facial several times before the wedding. Aim to get a facial at least once a month in the months leading up to the wedding, but do not schedule one the week of the wedding. A facial will allow your skin to experience a deeper cleansing than your usual facial routine offers. This treatment allows for the skin to be stimulated and increase circulation, in addition to exfoliating and improving your complexion. And the best part is that it's relaxing—something you'll need a lot of before the big day!

At home, take a look at the skin-care products you've been using. Shoot for products that are all-natural or organic—if you can't pronounce the ingredients, then they probably aren't something you want to be using on your skin. And we know you've heard it before—take that extra minute to remove your makeup before bed. When you sleep with makeup on, it can clog pores and lead to breakouts, or dry out the very delicate skin that surrounds your eyes.

A final skin-care note you might not consider: Drinking too much can dehydrate the skin and dilate blood vessels, leaving your face flaky or blotchy. Stick to just one or two drinks at your rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and drink plenty of water to wake up with wedding-worthy skin.

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