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The 60-Day Countdown

Jun 26, 2012 04:45PM ● By Anonymous

My fiance installed a countdown app on his phone the day we secured the day (he's so precious), and for the past year he's randomly given me updates. Extra cuteness: He looks at it everyday. I know because there have been a handful of people ask "How long until the big day?" and he always responds immediately. But he updates me on the status every couple of weeks. When he announced the 99-day mark my stomach dropped. There are a lot of things to do when you get down to the double digits. 

There are significantly more things to do when you get inside the 60-day mark. And in case there isn't enough going on, let me warn you: panic ensues.

Yesterday was our 60-day mark (yay!), and in anticipation of that, and the wedding itself, I haven't slept normally in about a week. I am so excited for the big day. And I only think about the likelihood of major wedding day failures--catering gone ary, a hurricane moving in--like once a week, tops. (From what I understand, that's good for a bridezilla.)

What really gets me, however, is the number of things that take more that two months to do. For example, we are officially beyond the mark of ordering/returning/exchanging bridesmaids dresses. I finally purchased my veil this week, and it's a good thing, because fellow Etsy shoppers know: there are plenty of shops that require "6-8 weeks for delivery" and, well folks, that officially won't do. Which reminds me--I still need to order a ring pillow and a unity candle. 

How many new songs can a band learn in two months? I guess I'm about to find out. Note to self: contact all vendors. 

And here's a thought on time management: if at the 60-day mark you're still waiting for something to go on sale to buy it, you better be on top on those ads. And hope the sale wasn't last week. 

And the vanity--ohhhh, the vanity. From now on even tasks like eyebrow upkeep will require my utmost care and attention because there's no room for error: I don't have time to grow them back out. The same goes for broken nails, and soon, I'll have to seriously watch my tan lines and lather up on the sunscreen, just praying I don't peel.

It's occuring to me that now is the time to buckle down. And with nothing left on my brain accept wedding planning frenzy all I have left to say is: Wish me luck!