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An UnBRIDEled Performance

Jun 26, 2012 08:27PM ● By Anonymous
I’m not saying I’m not into flash mobs, or choreographed dances. I have, on more than one occasion, kicked myself for not being the bridal party behind the Chris Brown “Forever” dance/YouTube video that went viral. But let’s be honest: I could never have pulled it off. I’m so incredibly camera shy, awkward, and generally horrible at being in front of people in real life (as opposed to written life), that I actually have nightmares about how Mr. Right and I will enter our reception. I have a panic attack every time I’m in a wedding and have to be introduced—doing it as the bride ignites a fear that twists my stomach in knots.

So imagine my horror when a coworker sent me this video, of a bride singing along to a Christina Aguilera song as she walked down the aisle. She sounds great, don’t get me wrong—but can you imagine? Correct punctuation doesn’t allow for me to convey how I feel both for her, and at the idea of doing something similar myself, so excuse the excessive periods, but: I. could. never.

Any of you have big plans for wedding day solos? I’d love to hear about them.