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Bridal Beauty: Choosing the Right Hairdo For Your Wedding

Jul 06, 2012 07:16PM ● By Anonymous

Wearing your hair down, however, gives you the trendy option of having it straightened, for a dramatic look, or curling it, for a softer, sexy, beach-waves style. Dresses with sweetheart necklines are complimented nicely with a down-style hairdo.

Professional stylists are seeing a lot of beach-style up-dos this season. Many brides are choosing a low, messy bun (especially those who have a waterfront wedding), complete with a big flower. Braids are a trendy look, whether it's a singular braid that frames the face with the rest of your hair down in loose curls or braids on each side of the head, leading back to a low up-do.

For hair accessories, flowers are still peaking in popularity for both brides and bridesmaids. Some brides choose fresh flowers, but a silk floral clip-on is guaranteed to last throughout the entire day—plus, you can wear them over and over after the wedding! Choose a flower color that complements your bouquet, but stands out next to your hair color. Blondes should choose a bright, jewel-toned flower, while brunettes can stick to white, ivory, or another color.

Of course, veils are always in style, as they complete the bridal ensemble. Birdcage veils, which reached the height of their popularity in the past year, are starting to die down in trendiness, while blusher and elbow-length veils are still going strong. Some ultra-traditional brides might still select a cathedral-length veil, but it's really only appropriate with a larger, dramatic gown and a church or very formal wedding ceremony setting.

Select your hair accessories before you go meet with your stylist for a hair trial. She can figure out how to incorporate the accessories into the style you have chosen. If you're thinking about skipping the hair trial—don't. You might have selected a gorgeous look, but everyone's hair is different. Therefore, the style you chose might not work as well on your hair as you would think. Schedule your trial for an afternoon before you go out on the town, because then you can see how the style holds up to the weather, sweat, wind, and any other elements that might cause it to self-destruct.