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Suit Up! Choosing the Right Look for Your Wedding Day

Jul 09, 2012 10:15PM ● By Anonymous

Which one you choose will depend on a few things. First, how formal is your wedding? A more formal wedding, especially those held in the evening, calls for a tuxedo. Second, what's your style? Some guys just don't like tuxes, while others have been waiting years for the chance to break out tails. Finally, when is the wedding being held? A stiff, heavy tuxedo might just be uncomfortable at a summer wedding, where the heat and humidity makes the groom sweat as the bride walks down the aisle (and not for the usual reasons!)

Let's go on the assumption here that you've chosen (or your bride has chosen) a suit instead of a tuxedo for the wedding. This can be a very cost-effective option because so many men own their own suit already. (If not, weigh the costs: You can rent a tux for an affordable price, but a buying a suit an investment. Even if the suit is expensive – high-quality suits often are -- you can wear it over and over again to a multitude of formal functions, not to mention business affairs.)

There are so many options from which to choose when it comes to selecting a suit. Most notable will be your color choice. For a less-formal wedding, a khaki suit might be appropriate, as would a light gray suit. Upping the formality could mean a charcoal gray suit, while a classy black suit is about as formal as you can get without heading to the tuxedo shop. You might also consider a black pinstripe suit. It's likely that you and your bride have already chosen wedding colors, which you'll wear on your vest, tie and/or pocket square. If you'd rather not wear the chosen wedding colors, a neutral black tie is appropriate.

While there are many well-known brands of suits, such as Hugo Boss, Armani and Jos A. Bank, the name on the label doesn't matter as much as how the suit fits, the style – such as single- versus double-breasted -- and whether it can be worked into your budget.

If you're planning a more-formal wedding, but have opted to go for a suit, don't skimp on quality. Buy a suit from a reputable designer and have it tailored well so it fits like a glove. Then dress it up with a silk tie, snazzy pocket square and a boutonnière to match. You'll look back on your wedding photos and remember what a classy guy you were at your wedding.