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Apps and Websites: Wedding Tools for Communication?

Jul 17, 2012 11:19PM ● By Anonymous
I loved the idea of creating one—though selecting a host/template and actually doing the work of filling out the information took a little more time and a lot more energy than I’d anticipated.

But today someone suggested an app for wedding guests to use for photos, and upon searching for that app, I found a variety of apps that serve in place of wedding websites. What an idea! So much easier for most guests than a wedding website. Compact, easy to read, and easy to access in a hurry, like, I don’t know, when you’re running late to a wedding and get lost along the way.

Even though I’ve already done the website thing, I’ve decided to give an app a try. After a little research, I’ve decided to try out the Appy Couple--a website that allows you to create your own wedding app. I’ll work on it tonight, and share my findings on Thursday.

In the meantime, did any former brides use an app to communicate your wedding details to guests? Which one? Anyone use a website? Brides-to-be, what are you using?