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Just One of Those Days (38-Day-Itis and Stephen Covey's Quadrants)

Jul 19, 2012 10:25PM ● By Anonymous

I was supposed to report on the Appy Couple today—the app I found that lets you create your own app, to replace your wedding website. You know, for guests on the go. It turns out that the Appy Couple has jumped aboard the U.S.S. Invitational, and requires users to first “request an invitation.” I did, but I’m still waiting. I don’t know what is about these sites these days—Google Plus, Pinterest, now the Appy Couple. I understand the idea that the invitational platform creates a sense of exclusivity that apparently is supposed to result in a feeling of community, but I don’t get it. I don’t find this avenue impressive, or convenient. (And isn’t that the basis on which these websites market: convenience?) I certainly don’t feel better about having Pinterest because I had to have a friend send me a link to join. And I am certainly not digging this waiting game for a wedding app. Don’t they know that the last thing a bride-to-be needs is something else to wait on? I have enough schedules and timelines to keep straight, and plenty of deadlines to meet, thank you very much.

But I’m curious. And seriously avoiding other tasks. So, I continue to wait. This morning I decided to check my to-do list. I’d hoped to have “set up the wedding app” checked off today. Sigh. Instead, today was one of those days where I looked at my to-do list—totally fresh and free of any checks or cross-outs—and then started adding things I did weeks ago, for the satisfaction of immediately crossing them out. (There. That looks better.)

I’m pretty sure that the moon or the Earth is off balance or out of sync somehow today. It is a new moon, but in my experience, it’s the full moons that make things feel a little crazy. My horoscope says everything should be just peachy, but everyone I’ve talked today says like they’d like to call it a day, go to bed, and start fresh again tomorrow. I feel that way too, but by tomorrow we’ll be down to 38 days until the wedding, and holy smokes does that sound close.

“I just want to go home and make granola.”—Literally, in the midst of typing this blog post, that is the message I received from a colleague. I have my sights set on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, but whatever tickles your fancy, I guess.

A co-worker today was telling me about Stephen Covey, a famous motivational speaker who passed away earlier this week. After hearing her talk about him, I'll definitely be looking into his books, but I found one thing she mentioned quite relavant to the wedding planning process. She called the Stephen Covey's quadrants. (The photo above.) Google it. Apparently every task can be put into one of those quardrants, and it's through its organization that we can effectively decide what to do, when. I'm going to give adding some of my to-do's to this box a whirl, and see if I don't feel more productive. 

After all, I think wedding anxiety is finally setting in. It's time. And there are so many things to do! This weekend, Mr. Hubs and I are planning two days of wedding productivity, and I can’t wait. In two days, we plan to: knock out the favors (I cannot WAIT to reveal those), pick out and email off all our wedding ceremony and reception music request, purchase my shoes, purchase our rings (holy smokes!), buy a cake topper, unity candle, ring pillow, and make a “Here comes the bride” sign. If all goes well, that will be a GREAT weekend of progress.

Wish me luck!