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Bridal Shower Q&A

Jul 23, 2012 09:16PM ● By Anonymous

Why have a bridal shower?

Typically, bridal showers are an opportunity for the family and friends of the bride to get together and celebrate the wedding with the bride. This celebration can come in many forms, but always involves giving gifts to the bride. Although these gifts can be personal and sweet, gifts given at bridal showers are typically more on the practical side, being things to help the bride and groom start their new life together. Common gifts given at a bridal shower are things such as glassware, utensil sets, personalized towels or sheets, or decorated picture frames.

Who throws a bridal shower?

The bridal shower is usually thrown by the maid of honor, another bridesmaid, or a close friend of the family. The bridal shower is not typically thrown by any member of the family based on traditions from when bridal showers were first established. The cost of the shower is usually picked up by the host; however, it is also common for all of the bridesmaids to pitch in to each cover a bit themselves.

Where should the bridal shower be held?

Traditionally the bridal shower takes place in the home of the host, but it has recently become popular to have the bridal shower outside of the home. Popular venues include hotels, bars, country clubs, or restaurants.

When should the bridal shower be held?

The bridal shower can be anywhere from six months before to one week before the wedding. Having the shower more in advance serves as a way to relieve stress on the bride, while having the shower closer to the date increases the chances of friends and family from out of town being able to attend. When it comes to timing of the shower, it is really the bride and bridal party's choice.

Who's invited?

When making the guest list for the bridal shower, it should reflect the guest list of the wedding itself, and ultimately the bride's wishes. The guests of a shower are close friends and family of the bride, typically women. However, events such as co-ed showers for the bride and groom together do allow for a more mixed crowd of well wishers.

Should the invitations indicate where the bride and groom are registered?

Yes. Unlike wedding invitations, where it's considered inappropriate to include registry information, the point of a bridal shower is to "shower" the bride with gifts to celebrate the start of the new marriage. Therefore, it's considered appropriate to include registry information in the invitation – and it makes it easier for the guests, too!