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Are Silk Flowers Right for You?

Jul 27, 2012 08:29PM ● By Anonymous

Not currently as popular as fresh, wedding silk flowers are a valid alternative as bouquets, centerpieces and alter arrangements. Silk flowers used to not be an acceptable alternative because they weren't correctly made, but that's no longer the case. Wedding silk flowers are quite beautiful, and often your guests won't be able to tell the difference between silk and fresh.

Why use wedding silk flowers? There are two main reasons: First, the flowers will last forever. It's likely that the wedding flowers you chose were chosen for a reason, probably because you love the color or the type of flower. So by purchasing flowers that won't wilt, you can incorporate your bouquet or a centerpiece (or both!) into your home décor for the rest of your marriage.

Second, wedding silk flowers are priced at a fraction of what fresh flowers cost. So not only are you getting a wedding keepsake, you're spending much less money on this important item of décor.

Those are the two big reasons that brides opt for wedding silk flowers instead of fresh, but if you're not convinced, there are other reasons, too.

Sometimes a bride who's getting married in December loves a flower that's in season during the summer or a couple getting married in America want flowers that are native to Asia. Getting these flowers over to their wedding – and making sure they look their best – can be a costly endeavor and one that might end up in disaster, if the flowers haven't quite bloomed or perhaps are past their peak freshness. Creating these flowers in the silk form doesn't require shipping the flowers halfway around the world or going to great lengths to grow them in less-than-opportune conditions. They can be made out of silk to look like they're fully bloomed and at their prime.

Getting married outside? Fresh flowers attract bugs and bees that wedding silk flowers don't. You don't want a busy bumblebee buzzing around your bouquet while you're trying to focus on saying your wedding vows. Can you imagine – what if you got stung in the middle of your ceremony? That would surely ruin the whole romantic moment of your wedding ceremony. Wedding silk flowers, while looking beautiful, won't attract any pests to your beautiful outdoor wedding.

Your allergic guests will also thank you for the lack of pollen in the floral centerpieces sitting on the table at which they're eating. Sometimes fresh flowers can wreak havoc on people's allergies and it can ruin your wedding for them.

Finally, there's a convenience factor with wedding silk flowers that fresh flowers don't offer. Silk bouquets, centerpieces and other arrangements can be created days, even weeks in advance of the wedding, and then properly stored until they're needed. Fresh flowers must be carefully timed to ensure they're at peak freshness when the wedding occurs. Wedding silk flowers will always look beautiful, both at your wedding and for years to come.