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Q&A: Buying Bridesmaid gifts

Aug 13, 2012 05:49PM ● By Anonymous

When should I get my bridesmaids gifts?

Although there's no rush to get Bridesmaids gifts, you don't want to be scrambling to get them together the week before your wedding. In general, try to have everything picked out and put together no later than two months before the wedding. In the months leading up to your wedding, keep your eyes open for cute and fabulous ideas for showering your special ladies with thanks for their involvement in your day.

What should I be spending for my bridesmaids gifts?

When thinking of budget for your gifts, there are two main things to consider: how much can you afford to spend, and how much have they spent for you. After spending so much on your wedding, you don't want your bridesmaids' gifts to be what sends you over the edge, but you also want to give a meaningful gift. (In this case, the thought really does count.) The second point, how much they spent on you, refers not only to how much effort they've put in for your wedding, but also the monetary cost of everything: the hotel room, the bridesmaids dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the bridal shower, their gifts to all adds up. You shouldn't stress and worry yourself about how much they've spent for you, but your gift shouldn't seem ungracious either.

When should I give out my bridesmaids gifts?

The best time to give your ladies their gifts is at the rehearsal dinner. However, some brides like to give their gifts in a more private setting, such as a bridesmaid's luncheon on the day of the wedding, or during some one on one time with each bridesmaid. Any of these options are appropriate times when you can really let your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate everything that they've done for you.

What should I give to my bridesmaids?

Picking out a gift for your bridesmaids can be tough, but luckily you don't have to buy the same thing for everyone. When deciding what you want your gifts to be, you really want to think about what each lady will enjoy and what will mean the most coming from you. Popular ideas for bridesmaids gifts are wedding jewelry, personalized tee shirts, and picture frames, but you can go as outside of the box as you like. Other ideas include tickets to a show, a gift certificate to a spa, an introductory pottery class, a new cookbook, a bottle of wine and a movie themed gift box...the possibilities are endless! The most important thing when selecting your gifts is that you keep their interests and your relationship to them at heart.

If you have junior bridesmaids in your wedding, they can require a different approach, based on their ages and their relationship to you. A fun and simple junior bridesmaid's gift idea is creating a fun gift bag, complete with nail polish, the latest issue of their favorite fashion magazine, and jewelry they can wear on your special day.