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Bachelorette Parties, Timelines, and Weather

Aug 14, 2012 09:20PM ● By Anonymous

The first night, we went out in cocktail attire and started our evening at Leaf Cafe. It was fantastic, and if you're ever in Charleston I highly recommend you stop by. From there, we checked out a rooftop bar and then hopped around the city to do what most girl groups do: dance. The next day, we soaked up the sun on the beach and headed out for round two: this time, in tacky neon. We had a BLAST. In fact, when I woke up Monday morning I felt so blue to be back to the grind and away from the beach that I immediately consulted some of the girls only to find out they were feeling the exact same way. 

Unfortunately, I have zero time for a pity party; there are plans left to be made. Which brings me to the next "where we stand" in current wedding planning: the timeline. Our amazing planner sent me the proposed timeline for the wedding weekend and holy smokes, it is intense. I've had it printed out on my coffee table since Sunday night, and while there are a few changes I'd like to make before it's sent out to all the vendors, I'm having trouble staring at it long enough to make them. I'm hoping I can get it together tonight to do it, and cross it off the list.

Finally: weather. Every bride wants nice weather on her wedding day--logistically, it's easier. When her reception is outside, that good weather becomes imperative. Don't get me wrong: we have a backup plan. But I am not its number one fan. It's awfully hard to pull off a garden party wedding in a thunderstorm, so here I sit, checking the weather on four different sites. It's useless, I know. If you can even find weather predictions 11 days out, it's pretty brave to trust the forecast. We probably won't know what it's going to be like until the day before, or evening the morning of. But still, here I sit, checking the weather. Right now things are looking pretty good but I'll still be purchasing umbrellas. In the meantime I have plenty of things to keep me busy. After all, if you can believe it we're only two days to the single-digit countdown. Let the games begin.