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Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Aug 15, 2012 07:00PM ● By Anonymous

Keeping the fall theme running through until the favors is a great idea, as it ties the whole event together. If you're looking for ideas for fall wedding favors, then you've come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding favors:

Candy apples. These candy-covered fruits are easy to make yourself, if you desire. Pick up small apples from the store or orchard, dip it in candy coating (or caramel) and after it's dried, wrap it up in clear cellophane. Tie a ribbon in your wedding color around the stick, and you have a festive, delicious fall wedding favor.

Miniature maple syrup. What harkens of the fall season more than maple syrup? Pick up small bottles and tie on a tag with the ribbon. Pick up small bottles and tie on a tag with the ribbon. Your guests will think of your wedding next time they dig into their pancakes. A similar idea is purchasing maple candies in bulk and dividing them up as favors for your guests.

Hot chocolate. In most parts of the world, the leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air. Give your guests the gift of chocolately warmth so they can snuggle up with a nice, hot cup of cocoa. Packets of cocoa can be purchased for a little more than $1, and it includes a monogram on the front of the favor. Other options include specialty cider, coffee and tea mixes.

Miniature jars of apple butter or jam. This is bound to be one of the most unique favors your guests have ever seen. Apple butter (or other fall flavors, such as pumpkin or chestnut) can be made yourself during before the wedding and properly jarred/canned in a hot water bath. Just so we're clear, there's no butter in apple butter. The name is actually derived from the creamy, butter-like texture that comes from the mixture of apples and spice. Your guests will love it. Other condiments that you can give your guests are honey or fruit preserves.

Specialty popcorn. Think back to the last time you or someone you knew received a tin of cheddar-, chocolate- or caramel-covered popcorn. People go crazy over these snacks, so why not give it to your guests? It's even more appropriate for a fall wedding favor because autumn is the corn-harvesting season.

Pumpkin seeds. These delicious treats don't' have to be relegated to right after you carve a jack-o-lantern. You can either roast the seeds up yourself – though that's an awful lot of pumpkin carving – or purchase the seeds in bulk from an online retailer. Package up a nice bunch of seeds in a cellophane bag and tie it together with a beautiful ribbon. It's a nice edible alternative to Jordan's almonds.