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Aug 21, 2012 08:39PM ● By Anonymous

See, "projects" like cleaning out his side of the closet tend to take 30 seconds, and the chaotic results pain me to my core. But projects that involve construction, re-purposing, or any kind of woodwork, are handled with a kind of care that I'm not sure I've put into anything. But when he's finished, I'm always in love. With him, and his finished product. If there was a groom-to-be of the year award, I think he'd win it. Check it out! 

I showed you a photo of the "here comes the bride" sign that the soon-to-be-husband of mine got to near completion a few weeks ago.

Well, he kept working on that sign--stained the wood and painted the inside of the letters--and now it looks like this. I'm totally in love! (Note: his crafting skills > my photography skills.) There are loops on the back that our sweet little ring bearers will hold to carry it down the aisle. I can't wait to see it professionally photographed. I can't do it justice at all.

Naturally, I loved it so much I asked him to make more. His next project was a direction sign. Something to greet guests at the front of the reception site, and point them toward the bar and the escort table. Gahhh. Is he amazing or what? These are cut, stained, and painted (you can tell I chose the language on the signs..) He fashioned some sort of clips on the back so they slide right onto this aluminum pole, which--and don't quiz me on this--is some kind of rigging equipment/sailboat piece. Then, he built a stand to stick it in so it stands upright.

To complete the perfection, we received a galvanized bucket with a really cute stand, from a groomsmen and his sweet girlfriend last week. I'm sure there are some ettiquette rules about when to open/use wedding gifts, but we're pretty sure they won't mind our using the bucket to hold iced down beers (we picked a collection of the ones with the coolest labels) to place next to the sign. Nothing says "welcome" on a warm summer day like an ice cold beer and directions to the fun, right? We hope so!

(Another note: Please excuse the debris on the floor. We'll be cleaning up packing peanuts--thanks to my china ordering addiction--for months!)

Four days and counting! I am one lucky girl.