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48 hours and counting...

Aug 23, 2012 07:07PM ● By Anonymous

Until I was in line at Party City last night and in a total impulse buy I bought 25 Starbursts at the register. You know—where they have the buckets of loose candy, 25 pieces for $1? For the first time in my life (and I’ve been there plenty of times this year alone), I grabbed handfuls. I ate every single one in the 15 minute drive to my parent’s house—I’m not certain I peeled all the wrappers. It was like a bear after a jar of honey. I’d be pretty ashamed if anyone other than my sister had been there to witness it.

At my parents house I downed caramel popcorn. I’d say I ate it by the handful but it was a lot more intense than that. At one point I think I tipped the bucket into my mouth. Who am I? When my fiancé arrived he could tell something was up, and immediately cut me off when I reached for the secret stash of Rolos. (Failed to mention that impulse buy, right?) It’s official. Wedding excitement has given me a candy problem.

This morning I got dressed as usual and made a beeline for the coffee maker when I arrived at the office. Bad move. Now I’m excited, jittery, and hot. (You should have seen how much sugar I put in the coffee…Note to self: make a dentist appointment ASAP.)

Last night one of our friends posted a photo on Facebook of a stack of sweet duds and a Fedora hat. The caption read: “How to pack for an Annapolis Wedding: Sailboat ties, Fedora, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew. #Preppy #amyandaaronwedding.
I literally shrieked with excitement. I, for one, am ready to PARR-TAY.

The final countdown is upon us and I am all smiles. (And teeth chattering…How long do sugar highs usually last?) I’m heading out in about 15 minutes and then nothing but time, and a pretty intense to-do list, separate me from Mrs.

So now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get my married on. 

See you after the honeymoon!