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Is This How They Wear Their Hair In Texas?

Sep 13, 2012 11:20PM ● By Anonymous

So when I met with my beautiful and talented hair stylist (Debbie Beiderman of About Faces) I told her I wanted a simple, low bun, with a BIG poof. And boy did she deliver!

When we first did my trial I hadn't brushed my bump-residue out (aka the rat's nest that lives under the top layer of my hair), and bless her sweet heart, Debbie spent almost 30 minutes working to get my hair back to square one. Then, when she got to working on re-teasing, she taught me how to do it more efficiently, and more importantly, achieve even higher heights.

I fell in love with the style at my trial, and on my wedding day I loved it even more.  Matched with my fierce red lips (not shown in this photo--I'll follow up about that on Tuesday), I was slightly afraid the look was "too much." But, all of my sweet bridesmaids, sisters, friends, and of course my mom, assured me that if you're going to "go big" there's not time like you're wedding day. I'm glad they gave me the obligatory reassurance because bold or not, I still love looking at the photos!

Ever since that day, my everyday bump has gotten me a little down. I still wear the bright lipstick but I've kept my bump to a modest inch or two. And the way some girls can't leave the house without mascara or lipgloss--that's the way I feel about my bump. Maybe this weekend I should dust off my bumpit and bring the big bump back. Afterall, the 50s are coming back in style, right?