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Groomsmen: From Picking to Gifting

Sep 14, 2012 08:15PM ● By Anonymous

Picking your groomsmen can be tough. If you come from a fraternity, you could have a thousand guys ready to line up to see you through your big day. But which one of those guys sporting the letters will make a rude joke in his reception toast and embarrass you in front of Aunt Edna? You want to make sure you pick your groomsmen carefully; they're there to help you through the nerves of your wedding, not make a joke out of a huge day in your life.

The duties of a groomsman are things ranging from before the wedding starts to after the wedding is over. This being the case, you want to make sure the man you pick will be responsible in the face of the stressful activities. First and foremost, the groomsmen are expected, as well as the bridesmaids, to attend all prewedding events. If he's going to stand beside you on the actual day, you want him involved in everything leading up to it. On a more fun side, the groomsmen also get to help plan the bachelor party, as well as the honeymoon. Once the big day comes, it's the groomsmen's' time to shine! They will be in charge of directing and seating guests, escorting bridesmaids down the aisle, holding the rings until the perfect moment, making the first toast at the reception, and decorating the getaway car. With all of these things falling on their shoulders, as well as calming your own nerves, you want to be sure that the men you pick are close to you in everyday life, and responsible enough to handle the pressure with class.

After everything, you want to make sure you thank your groomsmen in a way more than a handshake and bear hug. As a guideline, you want to get them something thoughtful and nice, without being overly cheesy (unless you think he'd prefer the joking gesture). Some popular groomsmen's gifts are flasks, barware, cuff links, tools, money clips, cigars, photo frames, and golf accessories. However, sometimes it's better to think outside of the box. Fun gifts for groomsmen can be a few hours with a personal trainer at a local gym, good seats to his favorite sporting event, or even a round of golf on the green. Whatever you pick, it should be thoughtful and shouldn't look like something your new bride got for him.

As a general rule, your best man (or men) gets a gift that is a little higher on the scale than the rest of your groomsmen. The key is to not make it over the top, so as not to hurt your groomsmen's pride. The other rules still apply the same, which means a live animal is not the way to go, no matter how funny you may find it at the time. Just put aside the jokes for a while and let your buddies know how grateful you are for all they've done.