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Makeup Trials and Zero Tribulations

Sep 19, 2012 11:24PM ● By Anonymous

For months prior to the wedding I researched and read everything I could find--from Elle and Vogue to makeup blogs and E News--to determine the "best red" for my wedding day. About five months before the wedding I splurged on at least ten different sticks and glosses. From then until the wedding day I wore each to work, to breakfast, and to dinner, keeping notes on the color and the wear-ability (fading, leaking, etc.). When I finally found the perfect shade, I set out to find the perfect makeup artist to apply it. 

I knew I wanted to bring someone onsite, and I wanted to give my bridesmaids the opportunity to have their makeup done onsite as well, so when I sat down to figure it out, I remembered an email I'd gotten almost a year earlier, right after my very first bridal show. I searched "Mary Kay" in my Gmail and found Ida Sukalo's email. 

Boy am I glad I did!

I was a little apprehensive about going with Mary Kay for wedding day makeup. I'm a total creature of habit, and trying something that wasn't Benefit was a little scary. But my sister--also my roommate---was a total Mary Kay fan, and I'd used her stuff for our engagement session (I'd run out of my own), and loved the way it turned out. So, I decided to take the chance--after all, that is what trials are for.

A few short weeks later I was in Ida's home with my mom and my sister experiencing my first ever makeup trial. I told Ida that I wanted the look to be dramatic and did she deliver. She started with smoky eyes--something I'd never imagined I could pull off, and added my bright red lip. I absolutely loved it! Ida made the entire experience so fun and exciting, but also super comfortable--she was happy to listen to my concerns and point me in the right direction. She gave me tons of pointers on how to apply everything myself--I learned a lot about the importance and function of lip liner, and I'm pretty much addicted. She even took photos on the spot so that we could see what the makeup looked like from behind the camera. My mom and sister had their trials done as well--which they both LOVED--and by the end of the experience I was totally hooked--on Ida, Mary Kay, red lips, and smoky eyes.

Since the wedding I've not been able to give up lipstick, and I'm experimenting with a million different colors.  It's totally new for me--and a little bold--but it keeps me re-living my wedding day daily, and that is a great way to start my morning--I can't WAIT to see what the professional photos look like!