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Leftover Wedding Cake—Before Our Anniversary

Sep 25, 2012 10:23PM ● By Anonymous

See, I'd long thought than an old-fashioned pie table would be an adorable way to sweeten up our wedding day, but I wasn't exactly sure how it'd all pan out. Mostly, I just knew I wanted it cute, and I wanted it key lime. So when I approached Rachael about potentially creating key lime pies for our wedding rather than traditional cake, I was tickled to feel her excitement. Within minutes of talking the idea had snowballed from an old-fashioned pie table with key lime and possibly a second kind of pie, to a wide assortment of personal pies.

Talk about sweet!

We decided to have a tasting, and then narrow the options down to two or three choices. So, with my entourage of two sisters, both my parents, and my hubby in tow, (way more than is appropriate for a cake tasting) I met Rachael at Kahve in Edgewater for our first official meeting. Rachael brought out at least six different kinds of pies, all of which were adorable. I couldn't—and didn't—stop eating for probably an hour. And I fell in love with everything. So much so, that I decided to skip the red velvet cutting cake altogether and go with a strawberry shortcake selection. And I felt so comfortable with Rachael that I didn't even tell her what I wanted it to look like. It wouldn't have mattered because it was so delicious, but I was right to trust her—everything looked adorable.

For good measure we added homemade ice cream (a la Rachael) to the menu and ordered more than enough to go around.

So much more than enough to go around that I still have about 15 key lime pies in our freezer and I've had at least five a week since we returned from the honeymoon. (What!? They're personal sized!)

Anyway, the top tier of our strawberry shortcake is stashed safely in the refrigerator as well, but I must say—based on the still-delicious taste and texture of our month-frozen key lime gems, I'm looking forward to our anniversary. Apparently, most couples brave the tradition with low expectations for their taste buds, but I don't see that happening for us. Just in case, I'll plan to save an extra key lime pie for that day. And if all else fails, we'll drink our leftover champagne first.