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Lessons of a Newlywed

Sep 27, 2012 11:07PM ● By Anonymous

1. Referring to “my husband” does not get old, at least not in the first month.

2. The “one year” rule that so many books and magazines describe for the appropriate amount of time newlyweds have to send out thank-you notes is technically correct but socially bologna. Apparently, no one wants your eight-month old thank-you note. Ours still haven’t gone out, but I’ve discovered this little tidbit in justifying our lack of thank-you-note-writing action with “one year” rule comments. They’re never well-received. In fact, popular opinion seems to dictate that three months is a more appropriate amount of time. Update: I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

3. I am weirdly offended when other new wives tell me that they happily wrote their thank-you notes without assistance from their husbands. Was he not there that day too? Does he not drink out of your new glasses or eat off your new plates? Oh he does? Then tell him to suck it up and grab a pen. How rude. I’m lucky that this was never an argument with my sweet husband—he feels just as thankful and loved as I do—but I’m surprised to hear that so many fellow new wives would take his side if it were. Suggested house rule: if you didn’t feel compelled to write thank-you notes, you’re not grateful enough to play with the new stuff.

4. Legally changing your name is overrated. I’m pretty sure that putting it on Facebook makes it official. And that is way easier than going to the social security administration. Also, more people see my profile than my driver’s license so...

5. Marriage is different. I knew it would be, but for the better part of a year I’d been hearing that since we bought our house during our engagement, being married would feel no different than pre-marriage. I totally disagree, and I love it. It feels now like what we were doing before was just playing house, and now, we get to live it. I daydream about all the traditions we’ll create as a new family; and the strength of our shared commitment overwhelms me with joy. Being married is totally the bees knees.

**Photos by Korie Lynn Photography