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The Easy Way to Plan Your Getaway

Oct 03, 2012 04:31PM ● By Anonymous
How long should it be?

When thinking about the time frame for your honeymoon, there are a few things to take into consideration: family, job, money. Your family shouldn't be constantly on your mind while you're away, but you will be a constant on their minds the entire time! If you know your mother will want to have time for a Skype date every night while you're away, you may want to cut the trip a little shorter and plan for some special husband and wife time once you get home. Your job and your money comes into play when you think about how much unpaid (or paid) vacation time you get during the year. Although you want to have time to enjoy the newlywed life, you don't want to take too much time away from work and be in hot water the second that you get back.

How much should it cost?

Being in the post-wedding happiness, you are bound to spend more on the honeymoon than you would on a normal vacation. This is expected and completely normal, but you don't want to be stressing about how much money you're spending the entire time you're away. Also keep in mind that the money you have set aside will go further (or shorter) depending on where you choose to go. As you plan, list out what you want on the honeymoon, then do some research and see where you can get what you want for the lower price, if that is your main concern.

When should we go?

The time of the year is a very large deciding factor to your trip. Keep in mind that even though our summer is in July, it won't be the same season in Australia. So if you're dreaming of snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and riding through a safari with a kangaroo, you may have to wait a little longer or pick another place for the honeymoon and go to Australia for an anniversary. The types of activities you'll be doing definitely depends on the weather where you're going, so always do extra research before getting all the way there!

What should we be doing?

Every couple is different, and every couple will want different things from their honeymoon. If you prefer to relax on a sandy beach, then maybe you should look to Hawaii or the Bahamas. If you prefer to mix in some adventure, you may want to stay closer to home and go white water rafting in Colorado. If you're a pair of history buffs, you'll probably want to point your plane towards Europe. Every area has different things to do, so the key is to have an idea of what you're looking for, then research research research! The more you know, the better idea you'll have when you're planning!

No matter where you decide to go, make sure that you're having fun and enjoying the company of the person you love the most.