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Choosing the Right Wedding Date

Oct 24, 2012 04:45PM ● By Anonymous

Start coordinating by the season. If the bride doesn't dream of walking down the aisle with snow around her ankles, December may not be the best choice for your nuptials. Choosing one month over the other may also affect your price range -- the more popular months for weddings, June, August, and September, are in much higher demand, thus potentially tightening your purse strings. Additionally, flowers can make or break a ceremony, and seasonal flowers being requested out of season can be incredibly expensive to add into your big day. If you want the bride to have her fantasy wedding, step one is pulling out the calendar.

Secondly, think about what's going on in the area. In October, Annapolis boat shows take over the town, while summer tourists spend their time in Easton and St. Michaels during July and August. If it's going to be difficult for your guests to book a hotel or get transportation, you might consider moving your wedding date to a less popular weekend.

Aside from the calendar restrictions of holidays and rainy seasons, another very important consideration to be made is that of your VIP preferences: working around the schedules of those you cannot get married without. This can be very tricky, but a very important aspect of the wedding. However, although you should try to be flexible for the few non-negotiable loved ones, don't let their schedules dictate your day. Take their needs into consideration, but once you find your perfect day, stick to it.