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Local Wedding: Brittany and Christian in Annapolis

Nov 07, 2012 09:30PM ● By Anonymous

The couple. Christian Suszan and Brittany Lambert, both 23, met right after their respective college graduations (she from Washington College in Chestertown, he from the Naval Academy) at McGarvey's Saloon in downtown Annapolis. After talking the night away, Brittany gave Christian her phone number—which he saved in his cell phone incorrectly. After she didn't hear from him for more than a week, Brittany took matters into her own hands. She found him on Facebook, sent him a friend request, and the rest is 21st-century love story history.

The engagement. Christian, a Naval Flight Officer, and Brittany, the vice president of market development for a Baltimore-based website, made it through a year of long-distance dating as Christian was in flight school in Pensacola. They would meet up wherever possible—"Pensacola where he was in flight school, Annapolis where my family lived, Baltimore where I was living, San Diego where his brother lived, Glasbern, Pennsylvania, where his Grandmother lived, New Orleans and Las Vegas just for fun," Brittany says. For her birthday, Christian came back to Annapolis, took Brittany downtown, and proposed on a pier. "I said yes before he even opened the ring box," she says.

The bridal party. Brittany and Christian were joined by eight groomsmen and seven bridesmaids to celebrate their wedding (the eighth bridesmaid stayed in Thailand to finish pursuing her teaching career). The gals wore knee-length dresses in a "lapis" purple color, accessorized by gray pearl necklaces, gray wristlets, and gray peep-toe heels that Brittany gifted them. The men either wore their "Choker Whites" or a black tuxedo.

The food. The guests began the celebration with a 45-minute cocktail hour while the bridal party took pictures both downtown Annapolis and at the Naval Academy. At dinner, they dined on Shrimp Alfredo, Chesapeake Salmon, roast beef, mixed vegetables, potatoes, and a plated salad. For dessert, Brittany took note of a family tradition and served an assortment of Italian cookies, as well as vanilla and carrot cake wedding cake.

The music. For their first dance as husband and wife, Brittany and Christian swayed to "Wonderful Tonight," by Eric Clapton. Later, Brittany danced with her father to "Stealing Cinderella," by Chuck Wicks, but ended up swinging "Terrible Towels" to "All the Steeler Ladies," a parody of Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies," as her parents are from Pittsburgh.

Married life. "Now that the wedding is over and we've been living together, it's relaxing," Brittany says. Christian's position with the Navy took them to Whidbey Island, Washington, where they spend their time exploring the area and decorating their home. "We would love to make it back to Annapolis one in the future," Brittany says. "We're just not sure when we'll have the opportunity. It's definitely a place we both have fallen in love with, and there isn't another city like it!"

Photos From The Wedding

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