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Stefanie's Proposal Story

Nov 08, 2012 09:41PM ● By Anonymous
 It was a typical Saturday morning in October. I was headed out to Creative Force Dance Center to teach for a few hours and was then meeting Travis for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Arnold, Yomato Sushi. As I called Travis to let him know I was on my way, he said he was already there. Wow! I thought, he's there early. Awesome, I don't have to wait. As I arrive, I already know exactly what I want... which included an order of edamame, California roll, dragon roll and an eel and cucumber roll. However, when the waitress came to take our order she said that she wanted to make me a special roll. At this point, I thought it was weird but didn't think anything of it. We used to frequent this restaurant a lot and since we moved to Glen Burnie in June, this was our first time back.

While we waited for our delicious food, conversation was normal including how our mornings went and how excited I was for our picnic we planned for the next day. However little did I know that there was no picnic, it was just a decoy to throw me off. One thing that I love about the restaurant is that it is very quiet. So quiet that besides us there was only one other table seated.

As the waitress brings out our food, I catch a glimpse of a black box and immediately smile from ear to ear and cry at the same time. As the waitress puts down the plate in front of me, I catch a glimpse of the gorgeous diamond ring in the black box, which was placed in the middle of the special roll created just for me. In the center of the plate there was also a flower the cook had made.

As Travis grabs my left hand, I am still crying (happy tears, of course) he says, "well what do you say?" I immediately stop crying and look at him and respond, "what do you mean, what do I say? What do you say first?!" He looks me in the eyes with the same look that I remember falling in love with long ago and says "Will you marry me?"

And of course at that exact moment the tears start flowing again as I say YES! And he slides the ring on my left ring finger, Travis lets me know how special this ring is to his family. It's not just a ring he bought in a jewelry store;  it is the same ring that Travis' dad, Garry, proposed to his mom, Ginger, with just 28 years ago. Sadly, we lost Garry in February 2009. Every time that I look down at this ring, I am reminded not only of the love of the man I get to spend my life with, but also the love that brought him into this world.

Now the biggest question on our mind was not picking a date, a venue, or caterer. More importantly we had to decide whether to let our friends and families know and post on Facebook or eat our lunch first. We knew once it went public that our phones would be ringing off the hook and would not be able to eat in peace. So we waited about five minutes, enjoyed the quiet and a few rolls, and then shared our wonderful news ... which apparently our family and close friends were all waiting VERY impatiently by their phones for our call, some even at VirginFest awaiting our call.

I know that there is so much to plan and do for the big day.... Where to even begin?!