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Old-fashioned brides meets new traditions

Nov 29, 2012 11:57PM ● By Anonymous

Instead of wedding planners and wedding binders, brides are using Pinterest. Instead of walking down the aisle to a traditional song such as Canon in D they are dancing to "Forever" by Chris Brown. Of course, I have had a wedding Pinterest board since I signed on to Pinterest -- even before Travis and I were engaged -- where I can save all my inspirations and ideas. Some are practical, such as the wedding favor idea we chose and gifts for my bridesmaids (which you will meet in a later blog), but some are just wishes and dreams such as video clips of an amazing videographer's work that starts around $6,000 for the basic package.

Growing up I had a "Wedding Binder," one that I kept all of my ideas in cutting out pictures of dresses and planning my nonexistent wedding. However, when it came time for my real wedding planning, Travis looked at me funny when I started writing notes in a notebook. Once again, this is 2012! Our wedding notes are kept on an app on his iPad. On the app, we can save links to things online to come back to instead of just writing all of the details about each thing. Technology these days! Where I was easily stayed on using the iPad as my main wedding tool, some traditions I am still deciding on.

It is becoming more common nowadays that the bride and groom see each other prior to that first glance as the bride walks down the aisle in something known as the "first look." They are meeting prior to the ceremony to have most of their photos taken to get them out of the way. Where I see this as a great idea and time-efficient so that after the ceremony only few photos left to take and then off to the reception or happy hour to greet family and friends who have traveled distances, there is still something about waiting that I just can't pull away from. Yes, I know that you still have "that moment," but to me it's something special about the doors opening and ALL eyes are on you, including his, but you are looking right at him and can see that look in his eyes that you have been waiting for since you knew that dress in the store was the one and knowing that you are walking towards the rest of your life.

Call me old fashioned, call me traditional, or call me whatever. It may take a while for me to agree on breaking that tradition.