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Local Wedding: Jenna Leigh and Jenna Olivia in Prince Frederick

Dec 04, 2012 07:45PM ● By Anonymous

 Bride Jenna Olivia shared with us some special moments from their wedding.

Why did you choose Running Hare as your venue?
Vineyards and wineries have always been our favorite type of dates. We try to go as often as possible with just the two of us or even a big group of friends to enjoy picnics and live music. Last October we went on vacation to visit San Francisco and spent several days in Napa Valley. This is where we actually got engaged. Jenna Leigh proposed to me in the middle of this gorgeous vineyard. It was so romantic! 


How did the two of you each pick your wedding dresses?
This was actually the tricky part -- we both agreed that we liked the tradition of not seeing the dress before the wedding. However, we wanted our dresses to complement each other's without being identical. It was also important to us that we showcase our different styles. Jenna Leigh's mom and sister were so excited to take her shopping. They went to all of the posh places from Annapolis to Baltimore. When Jenna Leigh found her perfect dress, the boutique actually gave her a splotch of her dress so we could match colors. They were so supportive of two brides getting married. Jenna was glowing for weeks from her experience there and how much she adored her dress.

She then sent my mom and best friends a picture of her in her dress, so they were able to steer me in the right direction if I needed it. They also took every opportunity to rub it in how gorgeous she looked and how they knew what her dress looked like, but I didn't. Since my parents and bridesmaids were all in North Carolina, I took the splotch and flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, on the search for my gown. My bridesmaids made appointments for me all around town. However, I only needed one appointment because I found my dress during the first appointment. Although I had a designer and style in mind before I went to Charlotte my mom managed to sneak a dress into the dressing room. It's true what they say moms know best. I traded bling for lace and said yes to the dress!

What were some of your favorite details from the day?
Having two girls plan a wedding means details, details, details! Jenna and I had the time of our lives picking out bridesmaid dresses, color schemes, hors d'oeuvres, the whole nine. There were a few things that were nonnegotiable in the planning process. We wanted a large band. We ended up booking an 8-piece band that quite literally blew the roof off the place. The dance floor was packed the entire night. My dad and I shagged for our first dance to Carolina Girl by Chairman of the board.

We spent many nights up late with DIY projects like the cork name cards, and table numbers that had a yellow lab Dakota on them. We were in our element. We wanted to put our special touch on everything. More importantly, we planned this wedding with our friends and family in mind. We wanted everyone to have a good time. It was all about the experience for us.

If we had to give our wedding a theme it would be 'vineyard prep.' From the groomsmen's navy vested suits and mum boutonnieres to the bridesmaid's slate gray dresses with pearls it was gorgeous. We used hydrangeas everywhere! They were on our invitations, they lined the aisle, and everyone in the wedding had some in their bouquet.

Both of us were walked down the aisle by our fathers where they traditionally gave us away. I went down first, and my dad and I waited as Jenna and her father walked down to Cannon in D. She was stunning in a form fitting sweetheart cut dress. My favorite thing about her was the birdcage. I had no idea she was wearing one.

One of our favorite touches was the wine box in place of the unity candle for our ceremony. Jenna and I wrote love letters to one another and sealed them in a box with a bottle of the vineyard's wine. The officiate explained to our family and friends as music played that these letters were written to express how happy we were on this day. Neither of us knew what the other had written. If in the event we hit a rough patch we are supposed to open the box and read our letters in separate rooms to remember this day. The hope is we never open this box and on our 10th wedding anniversary we open the box, read the letters and share the wine.

Did you encounter any resistance from wedding vendors? How difficult or easy was the process for you? Unfortunately, yes. Most of the time I think it was unintentional. It probably didn't help that we have the same name. One of the venues we went to see for a site visit was very standoffish. On the flip side, Barb from the Running Hare Vineyard was more than supportive. We were her first gay wedding, and she was so excited we chose her vineyard. We actually ended up inviting her to the wedding, and still keep in touch. She would e-mail us during the process with questions about human rights and question 

What was the most memorable part of the day for each of you?
I think the most memorable part of the day was having so many people's support. We had close to 150 travel to spend the weekend with us in Solomons Island. To this day people still tell us how unique it was to be a part of that day. Our vendors even commented that with this wedding it just felt different. People were so excited for us. You could feel the love from everyone. It was a big deal for us and for all of our guests. It was a true 'celebration'

Did you go on a honeymoon? Where to?
I was hired on at the NFL Players Association and started there a month before the wedding. It's our busy season, so I wasn't able to take a lot of time off. After our Super Bowl events in February I will have some time off and we are going to either Cape Town, South Africa or Costa Rica.

Do you plan to make your marriage legal in Maryland? We were legally married in D.C. a week before our ceremony in Maryland. We wanted it to feel official on our big day. Since we couldn't know for sure about the question 6 vote in November we wanted to cover all of our bases. I'm so excited for brides and grooms in the future that this won't be an issue. Thank you, Maryland!


Photos From The Wedding

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