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Don’t Forget Your Rehearsal Bouquet!

Dec 07, 2012 11:01PM ● By Anonymous
 Most of the responsibility here falls on the maid of honor, but here's how it works: Have whoever is assisting you (maid of honor, sister, shower host—whatever suits your fancy), cut a slit or an "X" in the center of a thick, sturdy paper plate. Then, as you unwrap presents, hand her all the ribbons you untie. She should then thread each one through the slit (it's okay if it rips a little bigger to accommodate more ribbons), so that there is a loop of each ribbon on the top of the plate, and the loose ends underneath. Tape might be used hold the first ribbon in place, but with enough ribbons squished into a small hole, you shouldn't have to worry about anything falling out of place.

Feel free to take plenty of liberty with how the ribbon is looped—there's not an exact science or a "right" way to do it—in the end, a messy "bouquet" of ribbons will be the perfect reminder as to how much love and thoughtfulness went into creating the special atmosphere surrounding your day.

When the bouquet is complete, ask your maid of honor to take it home and store it until the rehearsal, when you should use it to practice walking down the aisle.

Did you know? Some traditions say that the number of ribbons a bride-to-be breaks when opening her shower gifts is a predictor of how many children she'll have.