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Let the Venue Hunt Begin

Jan 08, 2013 06:13PM ● By Anonymous

As we walked into the first venue we visited, I could see it all. We were immediately greeted by one of the coordinators, Emily, who we sat down with to go over potential details.

 I knew exactly what we wanted. I didn’t even have to even think about it as we went over themes, colors, guest count, food, and of course, the bar selection. Travis was happy to hear that even though Jameson Whiskey, his signature drink, was not on the bar, Emily would be sure to have it on the big day. To my comfort, she left not a single question unanswered, and soon it was time for the tour.

As we took the walk around the venue, from the deck overlooking the water to the bridal suite overlooking the reception area, I could easily imagine the tables all decorated with our colors, Gerber daisies everywhere, and our guests cheering as the wedding party enter to Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News—our song). Neither of us could not stop smiling as toured the property.

While Emily was off calculating the total, Travis and I tasted their lobster bisque, served in a martini glass, while looking out onto the bay. It was snowing, and snow glistened on the deck. It was a beautiful sight, yet made it a little difficult to think about being there during April, when we hope the sun will be shining.

Great view- CHECK!
Delicious Food and Menu options- CHECK!
Great Ambiance- CHECK!  

I’d say not bad for a first visit, but I don’t much to compare it to. Although we both were very much impressed with the space, we plan to see a few others just compare.

I will keep you all posted as our venue hunt continues.