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Please Welcome: My Maid of Honor

Jan 16, 2013 09:40PM ● By Anonymous
I’m often awkward and always terrible at making jokes – but I try.  She is totally into math, measurements and all things I’d expect the kids in science class to like.  For gosh sakes, she was our high school’s valedictorian!  And yet, we love our nicknames because while we make childish fun of one another, what we really enjoy is having a good laugh and embracing what makes our friendship so special.

We befriended each other in grade school.  Birthdays, dances, holidays and hangouts dot our lives with fond memories.  We’ve visited more foreign countries together than she has with her own family.  We could not be more opposite when it comes to our jobs.  She dresses down for work and I dress up.  What I mean by this is she wears flannel shirts, blue jeans and steel-toed boots Monday through Friday whereas my get-up never includes denim and instead features dresses, skirts, slacks and very often, high heels.  She works as a civil engineer for a construction firm and I, well you know, as an executive assistant for a magazine publisher.  Every day, we come home, swap stories about work, and marvel at how different our lives are but how much we enjoy each other’s company.  Ironically, when the weekend hits, we somewhat flip flop in wardrobe selection.  She is all about the makeup, heels, and dresses.  At this point, I’m pleading for jeans.  This sometimes makes it problematic for us to choose where to spend our evening – casual venue or classy establishment?  We make it work.  

When it comes down to it, she was a natural choice for my Maid of Honor.  We live together.  In fact, we call ourselves the Tripod since my fiancé is often at our place and I suspect the two of them were separated by birth because their likes and dislikes could not be more the same. They just have to be siblings. 

And back to M.O.H… we’ve known each other for over a decade.  We have shared many pivotal moments together.  It doesn’t mean the choice wasn’t difficult.  My entire bridal party includes girl friends and family I’ve known for over 10 years.  That being said, I made my decision and I would now like to formally introduce Kathleen.  Yes, sometimes I call her by real name.  She is oodles of fun and always game for a glass of wine after a bad day or even just because.  She’ll give in and be my gym buddy when I complain loudly enough that I have no one to go with me (mind you, I’m the one being a pain; our gym is literally a stone’s throw away).  Did I mention she’s an incredible baker?  After shedding calories on the treadmill I can bet on a banana bread or trifle treat awaiting us at home.  She is an excellent advice giver and I have no doubt when I am on meltdown #15, she’ll be there telling me it’s alright; that everything is on track and not to worry about the little things. 

She’s assured me many times that she has her M.O.H. duties covered.  In fact, tonight she surprised me with plans to throw a bridal shower.  She started out by asking if I’d even thought about having one.  I admitted, not really.  I’ve had so much else on my mind!  So Kathleen told me that because I’d thought very little about the event, she would like to keep the whole thing a surprise.  How sweet.  I can only imagine what she has in store!

Do any of you have a Maid of Honor who resembles Kathleen?  Are any of you in the process of selecting your M.O.H.?  I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to post your comments here, or on our Facebook page.