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A Change of Plans

Feb 15, 2013 07:06PM ● By Anonymous

There is no better way to put it then how Billy Chrystal’s character in the movie When Harry Met Sally says it, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

After much consideration, Travis and I have decided to take our wedding in totally a different direction. The big, fancy wedding that of course every girl envisions is no longer in my vision. Travis and I are ready to start our lives as husband and wife before the start of our family, and we're ready to start it all now.

Many people have voiced concern that this change is not what I had planned. Rest assured friends, this is exactly what I want--I am marrying my best friend, and it doesn’t matter how, when, or where.

So we've decided to tie the knot on a Friday evening just before sunset in March--simple, yet romantic. We have chosen a location that is near and dear to our hearts, Sandy Point State Park. This location means a lot to me because Sandy Point is the location of the annual MSP Polar Bear Plunge, which meant the world to Travis’ dad who sadly passed away four years ago. I was able to be at the Polar Bear Plunge for Garry’s last plunge, and I am the team Captain for Garry’s Gang, a team formed in his memory. So to Travis and I, there is no place that means more to us then this spot. Being on the water is just another plus, as it was an original criterion when we were venue shopping.

So we are doing a private ceremony, and you may be wondering how will we celebrate with our friends and family. We've got that covered. This August we're planning a reception for family and friends to celebrate the joining of our lives. A fun, festive, relaxed, yet fully catered party. I have been a busy little bee, err, bride to be, planning, and I cannot wait to share the details of our big day with you!

21 days and counting till I am Mrs. Jenkins!