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What Your Wedding Colors Say about You

Mar 07, 2013 07:26PM ● By Anonymous

Pink or Red

While Pinks and Reds are typically in the Valentine’s Day-color scheme, they don’t always have to be. Choosing a shade of pink signifies your feminine, playful sides. In general, the color pink denotes strong notes of compassion and nurturance. Red also says a lot about you as a person. Individuals who adopt red into their wedding color palette are passionate and optimistic. Alternatively, we know that red also denotes feelings of anger, rage, and power--but we don't suspect there are an abundance of angry brides-to-be, wouldn't you agree?

Orange or Yellow
If you’re daring to go wild with your wedding colors, selecting orange or yellow is the right route for you.  Shades of orange and yellow emit feelings of happiness, spontaneity, and hope. Couples looking for that extra hint of the exotic and eccentricity should choose hues of orange or yellow for their wedding! Each color really does say a lot about you and how far you’re willing to go in the planning process.

Blue or Green
Shades of blue or green are tranquil and celebrate life. Blue and green are very similar colors on the color wheel, signifying colors of the sea. Brides who choose shades of blue are said to be sensitive and conservative. Conversely, settling upon any shade of green could be magnifying your love for the environment. This color represents a bride who searches for stability in her every day life.

Black or Purple
Black is a more conservative wedding color and compliments many lighter shades of pinks or purples. This color is timeless and elegant, like the late-great Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Choosing black as a main color says that you’re not afraid to go for the more classic appeal–your white dress will definitely make a statement now!  However, purple makes a big statement, too! Adding any hue of purple to your color list says that you’re creative and (usually) have a versatile personality.


So, how did we do? Tell us about your wedding colors and how they may or may not say what we suggested they'd say about you! We can't wait to hear.