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Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – Gives Professing Love a Whole New Meaning

Mar 28, 2013 06:40PM ● By Anonymous
Heck no! I’ve been busy planning! From DJ shopping, to stationary, to transportation and hotels, I’ve been up to my ears in details. More recently there was a crisis with the bridesmaid dress order. Thankfully that’s been solved. And I haven’t even touched on the religious aspect that’s occupied much of Roger’s and my time the past two weekends. Let me tell ya…Precana Classes are eye opening. But that’s for another day.

In the meantime, I’d like to share just a fun little something my aunt sent me. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the trending flash mobs that are popping up in malls and airports, parks, and parties. Well, people have taken it a step forward and applied the mantra of “strength in numbers” to their wedding proposals. There are some truly creative people out there. So on one especially trying day when all the wedding stress was getting to me, my aunt swooped in with this link.

Check out Bruno Mars, “I think I want to marry you” which serenaded this couple’s elaborate proposal moment:



If you thought to film your proposal to the tune of a Top 40 hit, email the clip to us and we’ll post it on our What’s Up? Weddings Facebook page!