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Destination Weddings: the 4-1-1 on a traveling wedding

Apr 10, 2013 06:27PM ● By Anonymous

For some, the main choice is the first one to come to mind: you want what the wedding industry calls a “destination wedding.” You wouldn’t be alone—the number of destination weddings has skyrocketed 20 percent since 2008.

Usually, a destination wedding takes place somewhere exotic and outside of the country.  Think beaches and islands like the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and the wildly popular Dominican Republic. What makes this different from your typical wedding ceremony?  We’ll tell you!  Keep reading.

Budgeting matters
As if planning a local wedding didn’t require enough budgeting, destination weddings can pose issues in the money department. Paying for an overseas, exotic wedding locale can run your wallet (or your parents’) through the meat grinder, faced with extra costs such as airfare and, possibly, the location itself. Plan thoroughly for a destination wedding, and start by setting a budget for the entire wedding and reception.  If you run into any problems, consult a wedding planner or someone who knows how to crunch those numbers.

The guest list
If the ceremony and reception are in another country, you’ll need to determine your guest list—and send out save the dates—early.  Destination weddings typically require guests to plan and pay for airfare and other accommodations, and they’ll need time to plan. So, sit down with your groom-to-be and your parents, and determine: How many people can your venue accommodate, and how many people do you intend to invite? Then, who receives an invitation to your royal affair and who gets left off the list? Since this special day is about you, take the moment to consider who you absolutely need by your side.

Traveling logistics
Here are some things to consider in the midst of your wedding planning:
-    Who travels when?
-    Will the bridal party/groomsmen travel together on the same flight?
-    Who pays for airfare: the couple, each individual person, the bride/groom’s families?
-    Who will take charge of booking flights? Will you go through a travel agent?

These questions (and more) are some of the things to consider when brainstorming the details of your destination wedding.  As always, though, enjoy the planning process while it lasts.  It is your special day, after all!