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Personalized Wedding Details

Apr 10, 2013 07:28PM ● By Anonymous

When trying to personalize your wedding, the first step is to decide what kind of theme you want your wedding to have. The theme you pick can be as influential as giving the bride a pirate corset to wear instead of the traditional white, or as laid back as only keeping only the colors in mind. Whichever way it works for your day, it is important to pick a set of guidelines to follow so your wedding plans don’t go off in all directions.

Once you’ve picked a theme or just your wedding colors, you can begin to brainstorm fun ways to personalize your special day. (The bigger list you brainstorm, the better! You can always trim your list down later to make it more doable.) Popular ways weddings are personalized are through things like the wedding cake itself, the type and color of flowers used, invitations, and even the groom’s tie or vest. Personalizing these details will give your wedding a sense of unity from the moment your guests know about it, to the moment they walk out the door.

Using these options will usually lead more to buying than making, and if you’re on a budget (or just want a reason for some extra fun time with your man) then the better option may be to make. Should that be the case, do it yourself (DIY) options include making flowers to be featured in the table centerpieces, building a game to be played during cocktail hour (corn hole and ladder golf are always popular choices), creating your own cocktail drink, and creating a fun way to display the escort cards in the beginning of the reception. Personalizing these details will give your wedding a fun, upbeat, and inviting feeling that will leave your guests with smiles on their faces from first kiss to last dance.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to personalizing your wedding details! When in doubt there are tons of websites bursting with information about different theme ideas, details, and favors to choose from, and lots are DIY! When trying to decide what will be the perfect finishing touch to your day, keep in mind your theme, your budget, and your personalities. (If you’re going for a more laid back and rustic theme, large jeweled centerpieces may not be the best pick, no matter how pretty they are.) As long as you follow what you want and who you are, you can’t go wrong!


[Picture stationary by Allison Barnhill Designs]