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For Rent: A Bride’s Guide to Fabulous Party Rentals

Jun 13, 2013 05:23PM ● By Anonymous

Among everything to think about—guest list, budget, catering, venue, just to name a few—when trying to make your fairy tale wedding a reality, it’s important to consider your theme. Rustic, vintage, sexy, glamorous…the possibilities are endless! But how do you create your perfect wedding without getting stuck with all the pieces of equipment to make that vision a reality? The answer is simple: rent them!

When your venue is nontraditional, turn to an event rental company to supply tables, chairs, space heaters, and even chandeliers. Photo courtesy of Vintage Affairs.

Who Rents?
First of all, it’s important to understand that renting isn’t an all or nothing situation. Brides can rent just a couple of things to complement a simple space, or the whole lot, to elaborately deck out an otherwise blank canvas.

That being said, typical renters are those host their weddings at home or an outdoor setting, or who have an elaborate theme.

Brides who rent a venue that supplies nothing but space, and possibly a view, can turn to a rental company to supply everything from a tent, tables and chairs, linens, glassware, or props and décor.

Why Rent?
People rent for a variety of reasons. The simplest is that those vintage trunks and lanterns look great while you’re dancing the night away, but when the party’s over, they don’t always work in your home décor, and finding space in the attic can be a pain. Renting works because it gives brides the flexibility to craft their theme without permanently adding pieces to their collection.

It can also make financial sense to rent, rather than buy each item separately—even from the most fierce bargain hunter. Convenience and time are other important factors, as some companies offer everything you could ever need all in a one-stop shop, from a simple centerpiece or silverware, to portable dance floors, bars, and more.

The Contract
As with any agreement, make sure you sign a detailed contract. Most reputable rental companies offer have a standard contract that includes points such as pricing by item, (as opposed to by time period), delivery and pick up dates and times, service charges, and broken piece/damage fees. You’ll want to double check each of those points so you’re not stuck shipping items back the morning after your “I do’s”, caught off guard by hidden fees, or wondering what the delivery time is as you countdown the minutes to your nuptials.

Some companies deliver and set up everything under the umbrella of a service charge, while others offer delivery only with the set up. Verify that information ahead of time you can plan when to put your groomsmen to work.

Event Styling
Complementary to using a rental company is taking the event styling route. Event stylists do literally that: They style your event. An event stylist’s job is to take whatever vision the bride brings to the table and create the perfect atmosphere for that dream wedding. Hiring an event stylist can be another big stress reliever, while you give all of your attention to the other aspects of the wedding. In some cases, event stylists are on hand at the rental company, and in other cases, if independent, they will work with the rental company to coordinate your theme. In most cases, one will be able to refer the other.  

Whther you’ve dreamed of a fairy tale wedding in a princess castle, or riding into the sunset on horseback, you can have it all—if you know where to look.

Special thanks to Rebecca Blizzard of Tents and Events, Faith Kern of Tents 4 Rent, Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Design & Décor, and Juli Wolf of Vintage Affairs for their help with the article.

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